"Leadership is a Discipline - Not an Accident"

I'm Dan Maloney, candidate for Monroe County Legislator, 6th District. I spent the majority of my career striving to improve the lives of working people, as an elected Union President and as a community volunteer. My experience in contract negotiations and my work in community service prepared me well for elected public office. I have worked at General Motors for 35 years as a machine operator and as a journeyman machine repair technician. Now it is time to move from fixing broken machines and move to repair our broken county government.


















My wife Robin and I have been married for 37 years and raised four children here in Greece. We want our grandchildren to have good educational and job opportunities, so as they grow, they can stay here in the community we love. I have been an outspoken advocate for green energy jobs to sustain long-term economic development here in Monroe County. I am currently working with elected officials at the Federal and State level to land the infrastructure investments, and manufacturing job incentives for hydrogen fuel cell technologies, to create a rising economic tide. This Made in Monroe County technology should be the key to job and income growth for our region for many years to come.















If we elect the same people in county government, we will get the same results; job loss, economic decline, increasing poverty rates, population exodus. We can turn this around and rebuild our economy and clean up our environment. We can build a sustainable future for our families. It will be my pleasure to continue to build a coalition between elected office holders, the business community, labor, and community groups to secure a bright economic future for Monroe County. That is why I am running for office, and with your support, we'll get the job done.  I look forward to meeting you as I continue to canvass throughout District 6, and look forward to your feedback, your questions, and your concerns.



  • Dan Maloney for County Leg - LD6

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